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How the LxVE Collective mixed self-care and art as only they can

2018 isn't even halfway over, yet to say this year has been one of tremendous growth would be an understatement. Coming on the heels of our most expansive LxVE Fest to date (more on that in a moment), I took some time to reflect and realized that the Core 4 members of the LxVE Collective are in the midst of doing new and exciting endeavors compared to this time last year.

The Core 4 at LxVE FESTGregg, the TV & Film mogul, is running Rap Game S5 featuring Jermaine Dupree as one of the top producers on the show. Karl, the music video director, recently shot a video for Translee that made its way onto World Star. AxJ, the artist and head designer of the LxVE merchandise, just relocated to LA with his wife less than a year into their marriage. And I, as the journalist on the team, have been coast to coast visiting friends and family all while covering dope events along the way.

With so many amazing opportunities popping up, it's hard to believe that LxVE Fest was just in March... it feels more like it happened last year. Needless to say, we've been hard at work since the event; but then again, that's the point. 

If you do it right, you'll leave the festival with new connections and relationships with people who could potentially enhance your life. But you can't get to that point without first being open and exhibiting a level of care for the person standing next to you. More importantly, having the confidence to act on those impulses to connect requires you to love yourself, and love your endeavors enough to move forward with conviction... And THAT'S what LxVE Fest is all about.

The LxVEFEST Experience

We partnered with the Trust Ya Dopeness Podcast for the second year in a row to highlight individuals we've had the pleasure of connecting with recently. Leana and Crystal kicked off Day 1 with their Yoga and Release class that combines the meditative aspects of yoga with plus physical therapy. 
Yoga & Release at LxVEFEST
We then had a panel of experts who have successfully monetized their passion on our start a business doing what you LxVE panel. Special thanks to Brett Chestnut, Ashmir Gupton, Hourglass, J. Bruzal and Sean Freeman for imparting their knowledge to our attendees.
Panel Discussion
The first day concluded with an iLxVE Art Experience which showcased artwork by Dizzy, Megan Alodie, and De'ja, three of Atlanta's rising artists who just happen to be super dope ladies as well. Throughout the night, Carol and Cameia, the hosts of the Black Balance Podcast offered media coverage and helped keep the energy flowing throughout the room.
Dope ladies at lxvefest
Lastly, we recognized that the women in our community - the natural caretakers - spend so much time caring for everyone else that they tend to inadequately care for themselves. Since our theme was LxVE Yourself, we worked with @Setbyskye to create a spa-like atmosphere on Day 2 that had candles and flowers everywhere as we filled the space with energizing, uplifting music including sounds from Saje, Cooley Savant, and Yani Mo. It was a pretty cool vibe.
Glasses Gang

Now back to the self-care...

Organizing LxVE Fest was an endeavor! There were several late nights followed by early mornings. There were lots of calls, site visits, email exchanges and so much more. Once it was all over, it was necessary to give ourselves a chance to rest and recover.

Each member of the LxVE Collective shows LxVE to themselves in their own way. Personally, I enjoy physical activities so if you run into me at the gym, in a kickboxing class, or, of course, on the yoga mat, now you know why.

~ Tease ~

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