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LxVE Presents: The Crowning

LxVE Fest 2019 presents "The Crowning": with Kia Carter & Typical Div

LxVE Presents LxVE presents dynamic royal duo Queen Kia Carter & King Typical Div who are hosting LXVE Fest 2019.

Come celebrate at LxVE Fest 2019 Tuesday November 12th at Smith's Olde Bar in ATL.


Bringing Attention to Worthy Causes

Watch Calm Down By Alfred Nomad

In this powerful collaboration between Alfred Nomad & The K.O.O.L Life, the two use clips from real news stories to illustrate the injustices still taking place in America. The images depicted in this story have an uncanny resemblance to the terrible violence and prejudices that took place during the Civil Rights Movement lead by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To bring light to the situation, Alfred and friends can be seen wearing shirts from the Immigrants Welcome Collection as the encourage us all to "Calm Down."