The Uncomfortable Truth About Changing in 2021

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What's up world!? Can you believe that one month has already come and gone into 2021 already? We were so anxious to turn the page on 2020 and in our haste to shut the door on the year from Hades, I wonder if we, as a collective, developed a habit of overlooking the present with anticipation of what lies ahead? Food for thought. Let it marinate. But keep in mind that all of life takes place in the present moment.

*Takes off philosopher hat*

So let me share this thought that has been haunting me lately. No joke, all the spiritual leaders I follow, business podcasts I listen to, even my horoscope have all been saying the same thing: It's time to change.
Could this be cliche, "New Year, New me" rhetoric? Maybe. If it were just one or two people I might be inclined to write it off. But, considering I've been getting hit with the message from all sides, I take it the universe is doing its best to get my attention. So while I'm at it, I figured I'd share my thoughts along the way.
The best illustration I can think of is the journey of a caterpillar. A caterpillar lives his life crawling around at the lowest levels of the earth. His goal in life is simply to survive and to avoid becoming bird food. That's it. Until one day something clicks and realizes that he's ready for more. He gets the idea that he should be floating across the sky. But he's just a caterpillar. How's he going to fly?

That's where the change comes into play.

Change by definition is a difficult process... emphasis on process. Much like a caterpillar wrapped in its cocoon, it's uncomfortable. It often requires going inward and takes time and dedicated effort to pull off. It can mean isolating yourself from the environment you're used to. And it certainly requires patience. But once this process is complete, out pops this newly transformed creature with a new look, new capabilities, and a new purpose in life.

So how do you do it? How do you undergo this type of massive transformation?

While I could share my perspective on how to go about creating this type of massive change, I realize world renowned author, trainer, speaker, and coach Tony Robbins could do a MUCH better job than I. Tony has mastered how to elevate yourself to higher levels and in this interview he speaks specifically about what it takes to do so in 2020 and beyond. Enjoy!

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