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Well, well... We've just eclipsed the midpoint of 2018, and in true "ExperTease" fashion, I find myself back on the yoga mat. This is where I come to pause and check in with myself. And after what I would consider a hectic first half of the year, halftime could not have come at a better moment. See the Where's the LxVE article for the back story. 

MND your moon workshop It's Saturday and a calendar reminder goes off on my phone reminding me about my upcoming MND Your Moon Workshop hosted by Kymmi Cordovez. I'm a fan of Kymmi's yoga classes because she infuses her rugged New York swag & spicy Latina mama personality into what is usually a tranquil exercise. Kymmi works with world-class athletes and has coined the term HIIT yoga based on the intensity she brings to her sessions. Anyone who's attended her Hustle and Flow class knows what I mean. (Translation: her classes are lit!)
Yet this workshop was different. This time I got to practice with Kymmi in a traditional yoga studio and was still amazed by my experience. Just days before the full moon, her yoga, meditation & goal setting class timed perfectly with the start of the 2nd half of the year. I could not have asked for a better time to reflect on the first six months of the year and reevaluate my plans for the final six. 
Perhaps the most insightful segment was the time spent reflecting on Kymmi's guiding questions.
1. How have you been feeling this month?
2. What Can I let go of that's no longer serving me?
3. What has been going well for me that I can add more energy towards?
A constant focus on these three questions could create a major shift for you.
What made the workshop so powerful was the openness of the group and the safe space that Kymmi created as we flowed and reflected. The atmosphere allowed for dialog as the group freely discussed their goals and ambitions as well as their challenges or areas of improvement.
After the event, I was able to speak with Toni Baldwin, an alternative rock singer, and social media influencer. Like Kymmi, Toni is as raw and authentic as they come. Having stumbled across her youtube channel randomly a few months prior to this event, it was refreshing to meet someone who seems to be the same person both on and off the Gram. 

Toni Balwin Shares Her Business Mindset After Yoga

Throughout the workshop, Toni shared tidbits about the evolution of her platform and how that adaptability has helped her maintain her edge as she navigates the social media influencer ranks. Best of all, she embraces collaboration (one of my favorite words) and took a moment to share her perspective on how she conducts business.

Toni Baldwin the social media influencer Tease: So how do you introduce yourself? Seems like you’re super talented. 
Toni: I say I’m a creative director because anything creative I can get it done. Anything from web design, apps, video production, music production but what I normally do throughout the day I’m a social media influencer and a musician. So when I’m not promoting something I’m making music.
Tease: I feel like so many people see the opportunity with all the various online platforms. What got you to the status of an “Influencer”? 
Toni: How I got into it was literally from music. I already had around 6,000 followers. A brand reached out to me like “Hey, would you like to promote our website?” so I started doing that. From there it kind of skyrocketed so I got more into influencing.
People were like “Hey you’re doing music, but what are you wearing? What kind of makeup are you using? What are your favorite places to eat in Atlanta?” You just really have to find what makes your content something people want to consume.
Tease: What is that for you?
Toni: For me, people love any aspect of my life. I am very private when it comes to my private life. Besides that, I’ll share what I’m eating, what I’m drinking, what I’m wearing, where I got my hair done, how I’m doing my makeup, everything. The only thing I don’t really share is my private life because that’s all I got left. [Laughs]
Toni & Kymmi Tease: How do you get paid as an influencer?
Toni: When it comes down to it, you can get paid a lot of different ways. Sometimes you’ll get paid in free products. But a lot of times you get paid for your influence. You get paid for your reach. For example, if you’ve got 5,000 followers you can charge $50 for a post. I know people with 100,000 followers they charge a minimum of a $1,000 for a post. Anyone who looks at the Kardashians and wonders why they’re doing as many ads as they’re doing, it’s because they can demand upwards from $1 Million for one post. So it’s all about knowing your worth as far as what you bring to the table.
Tease: I was literally just having this conversation. It's important for women especially to say “Hey, this is my price.”
Toni: “Yes! it’s crazy, but I’ve had brands with stuff on their site that costs $300-$500 who only want to send me products for free and I’m like ‘No.’ Because I know that you paid this [other] person.”
Tease: Last thing, I know this is your first time doing yoga. Talk to me about this experience.
Toni: I’m not used to doing this much physical activity at all and I’m trying to get into more things. I was seriously struggling with a lot of the movements and everything. I loved it though. I definitely will be doing more yoga. I plan on getting a personal trainer too. Just for the simple fact that if I don’t have somebody on my ass saying “Hey, get your ass in the gym” it’s not going to happen. [Laughs]

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