What would you do?

The LxVE Collective

Circa 2007. @AxJForever - “He looked me dead in the eye like, ‘what you gon do with this opportunity right in front of you? What is there really for you to think about? It’s hell here, but you got a chance to make it out’”

Two Dotz looking dead in the eyes


He was absolutely right. This should be a no-brainer, yet there was a force causing him to drag his feet on making the decision to leave Indianapolis.

AxJ pondering


What could cause one to pass on an obvious once in a lifetime sort of opportunity?


Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of the unknown? The answer is yes to all of these.

Two Dotz standing


With the pressure mounting, and amidst feelings of doubt, inadequacy, and overwhelming uncertainty, at 17 years old A.J. found himself at the biggest crossroad he’d faced in his short lifetime… What do you do?

AxJ at a cross road


 Whatever you do by @AxJForever & @Twodotz.


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