The Core Four

It all began when four young men from across the country made their individual journeys to the south. Each with represented where they came from but had no idea just how important Atlanta would be to their futures or how interconnected their fates would be once they arrived.


AxJ. Lyrical Assassin

@AxJForever - Indianapolis native. Entrepreneurial minded MC with a flair for making fashion and political statements through his artwork. Lyrical Assassin.


Tease on Stage

@TheExpertease - 50% country boy (Oklahoma) & 50% City slicker (Phoenix). 100% digital storyteller & Travel enthusiast focused on achieving results. Marketing Ninja.


Gregg Brown posing

@SkyboxCinema - Chicagoan. Rubs shoulders with Atlanta’s top entertainment talent by day but roams the streets producing his own stories by night. The Bruce Wayne of content creation.


Karl Posing

@Kool_Kbeezy - Made in Birmingham. Uses insane visuals to advocate Kreating Our Own Lives and documents others who do the same. Lives #TheKoolLife.

Music Inspiration: In My City by @AxJForever & @TwoDotz


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