Trust Ya Dopeness Podcast ft. The LxVE Collective

Had an opportunity to jump on the Trust Ya Dopeness podcast with some really cool guys. We covered a gamut of topics ranging from the importance (or irrelevance) of college to the state of hip-hop and so much more! 

Much LxVE to DJ Greg Nyce and Stu for having us over and sharing his platform with us…. As we alluded to in the interview, you can hope to expect more collaborations between us in the future.

Until then, peep the podcast and…. #TrustyaDopeness

Seriously… these guys were awesome. Also… this is the first time we mentioned LxVE FEST to the public. On air, @expertease2mentioned the link to get your presale tickets. Here’s the link again in case you missed it:

Enjoy! =)

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