Right on time, Alfred Nomad & Khruangbin gift us with Christmas nostalgia!

Christmas time is finally here! With your Christmas tree and decorations in all its glory, and your ugliest Christmas sweater to never match. Can’t forget the food, and Christmas cookies. That would be a sin. I completely understand if you don’t celebrate Christmas, and absolutely encourage not going into debt over the holiday season. However, I must admit even if it’s not popular opinion anymore, I love the Christmas season. 

It’s not because of a Santa Claus, or that I truly believe December 25th is Jesus Christ’s actual birthday. It’s more so the fact that it really is a more jolly time of the year. It’s a time that I’ve gotten to wind down my long year, and enjoy time with family, and the people I love most in high spirits. I have some of my best memories around this time. The first solo music I ever made, and released I made myself, burned on a CD, made the cover look like Christmas gift wrap and gave it personally as a gift to some of my biggest supporters at the time for Christmas.

As I get older it’s becoming more and more of a very nostalgic time of year. So I decided to bring that feeling back in my own way. After hearing the indie rock band Khruangbin’s new version of Christmas Time Is Here, I had it on repeat, and decided to make my own nostalgic tune with it.  Enjoy the tunes while you’re in the holiday season, and make sure to give more than you recieve. Besides, the things we tend to be the most grateful for from others never comes with a gift receipt. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours! 

-Alfred Nomad

Listen to "Christmas Time Is Here" by Alfred Nomad x Khruangbin  <----

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