8 Minutes We Can’t Stop Listening To. Alfred Nomad Gifts Us with “A Lot On My Mind”

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As I wrap up 2018, I’m ending with a lot on my mind. The last 2 years of my life have brought so much change, challenge, and growth. From a new marriage, to organizing two festivals and an independent tour, to moving all the way across the country to the West Coast knowing only a handful of people. I’ve had to live, let go, start over, and build again. I’ve been puffed up and humbled even quicker. And this audio experience sums it all up in 8 minutes.

The interesting thing about this is that I wrote, and recorded this 1 year ago almost to the date in December 2017. I meant to release it before the end of the year then, but life, fear and time happened and it fell by the waist side. What gets me the most is how prophetic and relevant it still is. And I feel this is the perfect time to let it go.


Notice, I’m not calling this a song. It’s really not structured like one, and honestly was written more like a free journal entry for me. The track is “Dillalude #2” made by Robert Glasper. I love all of the switch-ups to classic tunes, and wanted to challenge myself to write to the whole thing. It just ended up being a way for me to let out a lot of my feelings, and basically give an overview of all the biggest moments in my life that past year, and where I wished to go from there.

This whole last couple years has been steps out on faith. The best way I can explain it in short is that if my life was a home; I had to let most of the rooms fall right in front of my eyes so that I could rebuild a stronger foundation to stand upon. And from that process of rebuilding I’ve learned more about myself, and what’s really most important. Not to be a pun, but like a nomad I left everything I knew for a decade and had to restart in most ways from scratch. Sometimes when we pull away from all the things familiar to us, and are only left with ourselves and the most essential things we can gain a new priceless perspective on what we truly needed or didn’t need in the first place. 

-Alfred Nomad

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