The ExperTease's Top Moments: #10 - Ride to Chipotle

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It's Circa 2012 and @AlfredNomad mentions that he wants to shoot a video for Ride (To Chipotle). Inspired by Ferris Bueller's day off, we Immediately we put our heads together to plan what the perfect day would actually look like. 

Of course, it would include a stop at @chipotle 😋... and involve a water gun fight in the parking lot... Shooting this video was so much fun! 😎😁 It was the first time we had a budget to invest in equipment and the jump in production value was mindblowing at the time. 🎬 We set a new standard for ourselves.

The instrumental was produced by @NicktheQuickATL. It was originally titled Chipotle because he felt this is what it should sound like when you walk into a lit ass Chipotle. Personally, I agreed. A.J. on the other hand, wrote a song named Ride.

Both Nick and I were adamant about naming the song Chipotle and A.J. reluctantly met us halfway by tacking it on in parenthesis. Don't underestimate the power of a Chipotle burrito. (LOL)

The real magic of this project lies in the video production. Prior to this point, A.J., Gregg, and I made do with whatever equipment we could borrow from Clark Atlanta's media department. With this video, however, we had a budget to invest in better quality cameras and a crew to help us produce better content.

After this shoot, I knew we had a future as content creators. Much LxVE to the unsung heroes (@blambeth3 & @_b_randall) without them, this video would not have been possible. 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️💜💙

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