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Just one week ago we were scrambling around Atlanta getting ready for our 4th annual LxVE Fest. The dust has settled now and @AlfredNomad and I have returned to L.A. and Phoenix respectively. @SkyboxCinema was recently spotted in Savannah and is back to producing reality TV shows. @abibjahleel is likely in his editing room at his in-home studio in Marietta, and @DJGreg_Nyce is back to curating dopeness throughout the A. It’s safe to say things are back to “normal” for the festival’s core team.

It may sound crazy that our "normal" includes having the crew dispersed quite literally from coast to coast. But the truth is, this has always been a part of the plan. With growth comes expansion. So how is it possible to orchestrate such a dynamic event despite having key members working remotely? The answer: collaboration.

By now, it’s clear. LxVE Fest is a celebration of creative excellence. If you were in attendance, you were able to see this clearly as Alfred Nomad and Cooley Savant’s offered a sneak peek of their joint project which will be released at the top of 2020. If you missed it, you can still check out their single "Handful" which leaked on Soundcloud prior to the duo taking the stage.  

When you enter a LxVE event, you feel the energy that pulses through the room. Media and fitness influencer @fitwithCJ said it best. “You know, I’ve seen what you guys post online, but now that I’ve come to an event I get what you are really about. You are creating opportunities for artists and really showing love.” That’s it. You have to experience it for yourself. Getting to this point, however, that's another story.

Cultivating a spirit of harmony and collaboration is not an easy feat. Doing it without being physically present makes it even harder; yet our ability to pull off a successful event speaks to the caliber of our partners, as well as the artist, event staff, and volunteers this year. And it wasn’t just members of the team that lived out of town either. Kyia Lacey, one of the crowd’s favorite acts, resides in Toronto, and several of the other artists we’d never met in person until the day before the event.

What could be seen as our biggest challenge though, is also what drove us to host our most engaged festival yet. Since our mission was to promote a spirit of collaboration and love among others, we launched an interview series in partnership with I create Art called “The Crowning” which highlighted influencers across Atlanta and the southeast. Our collective efforts plus the support of others helped land us media coverage in major outlets such as the AJC and Creative Loafing to name a few. 

Many thanks are in order to everyone who chipped in to make LxVE Fest a success. A special thanks goes to all the talented artists who graced the stage. From our co-hosts Typical Div & Kia Carter, to our songstresses, Bonnie Bordeaux, Cooley Savant, and Kiya Lacey, to our MC’s Troop Brand, Jaye Newton, and Alfred Nomad, there was never a dull moment in the show. 

Lastly, for those who were unable to attend the event or those who simply want to relive their experience, be sure to follow @wespreadlxve on your favorite social site for highlights from the event. Also, our exclusive LxVE Fest merchandise is still available through the end of the week. Afterward, the collection will be retired permanently. Be sure to get yours now while you still can.

As I conclude, I’ll leave you with the slogan from this year’s event. One that pushed us to test our limits and we hope will inspire you to push yours: “What to believe if not in ourselves?”

Until the next time, I wish you peace and LxVE,


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