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It's only fitting that a podcast inspired by photography phrase - "Black Balance" - would find themselves in @SkyboxCinema & @TheExpertease's living room interviewing The LxVE Collective - a group consisting of two photographers & videographers, a creative marketer, and a music artist.
The LxVE Collecetive
When I first stumbled across the podcast, what caught my attention was the clean aesthetics of their Instagram posts. It turns out the two ladies hosting the show have design backgrounds. @Carolleerose, who typically snaps the photos, has a great eye and is excellent at capturing people in their element. Her co-host, @TheCameia, is a designer pro and an expert conversationalist. This connection was created 100 % on social media and is just one example of the reoccurring theme in this episode: the internet is incredibly powerful at bringing people together and fostering collaboration.
From the start, we begin discussing our individual endeavors and the conversation quickly began to flow in many directions creating such a cool vibe in the room. Cameia keeps the show moving by asking great questions which leads to some interesting stories about how LxVE was formed and how each member took a leap of faith into their chosen fields. 
Press play and enjoy the entire podcast or jump to your favorite topic below.


0:00 - Intro
2:05 - The poet turned rapper 
9:05 - Everyone wants to be an R&B singer
12:00 - The vision behind 14 Hours
15:18 - Festival LxVE
20:57 - AxJ & Two Dotz get personal on "Whatever You Do"
24:44 - Calm Down, AxJ!

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33:15 - Don't diss the video guys
36:53 - X marks the spot
39:20 - collaboration is key 
42:21 - #instastalking?!?! 
43:55 - @SkyboxCinema on branding & storytelling 
50:17 - Find a way or make one
53:07 - How @Kool_KBeezy Kreated @TheKoolLife
56:29  - Taking the leap of faith & putting yourself out there
1:01:12 - @TheExperTease on following your passion
1:06:14 - Having a winning mentality
1:12:56 - Black Balance Podcast Pushing Culture
Bonus Q&A: @javonstyles asks How to build a travel based lifestyle magazine. The group discusses how they would approach the project from a digital, marketing, and creative perspective.

References to the following projects:

14 Hours album - (Squad Goals, Whatever You Do, Roll with the Man, 

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