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About The ExperTease

Jonathan Tease (@TheExperTease) is a super-creative marketing strategist that implements profitable marketing campaigns and is gaining a reputation as an expert on social media. He’s passionate about helping others create economic stability through entrepreneurship and strives to inspire creatives to not just pursue a paycheck but to also pursue their passion.
In addition to creating marketing campaigns, Jonathan is a writer, speaker, and creator of TheExperTease.com. After graduating Morehouse College with honors, Jonathan participated in Macy’s Executive Development Program where he managed a $3 Million business and oversaw 20 employees at the young age of 23. Fueled by his love for the arts, and a burning desire to use his gifts as a marketer, Tease left Macy’s and launched The ExperTease where he advises artists, videographers, authors and entrepreneurs on their planning and promotional efforts.
Recently, Jonathan has focused his mission and is honing his ability to build engaging campaigns that generate income and offers his expertise on the best ways to accomplish his employer's marketing goals.
Jonathan currently lives in Atlanta and works with the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia as their communications coordinator.