The ExperTease's Top Moments: #5 - Bring It Back

alfred nomad ExperTease Hip Hop LxVE

If you can't tell by now, I'd like to consider myself an artistic guy. That creative side of my gets enhanced when I'm interacting with people like @Alfrednomad, @SkyboxCinema, @DJGreg_Nyce, and @abibjahleel. I absolutely loved taking part in the Bring It Back video because it gave me an opportunity to tap into the dark, often repressed part of one's personality and show it on screen.

If I'm being honest, I've always been intrigued by the villains in movies and books so when A.J. presented us with his idea for a video involving a plot to kill an undercover cop I was in. But of course, nothing the LxVE Collective does is bland. So instead of just telling the story, we told the story in reverse. 

My role was to be "the mouthpiece" or the one who speaks on the boss's behalf.

Hopefully, you aren't so distracted by the fact that guns and assumed violence in the video that you missed the message of the song. @OfficialGrey's bridge leading into his verse says it best:

"Life is too short. But one thing's for certain. We were put on this earth with a purpose. See, what a lot of people do is they are too scared to find out what that is and they try to put their fears on you. Which hinders you from finding your own purpose. Chase your dreams!"

I love watching A.J.'s internal battle with morality and how his choice to do the right thing is what ultimately saves his life. The benefits of being virtuous get lost amidst the noisy world we live in today. My hope is that this video will serve as a reminder as to why we should always weigh our options when making decisions.

Watch and Enjoy!

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