What Special Skill Are You Hiding?

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If you ever needed a reason to attend LxVE Fest, let me share this moment from #LxVEFest2017 will remain etched in my brain forever...

This was the first time I tapped into a skill I knew I had but rarely shared with anyone.

We all have them…

Hidden skills that go unused. Quirks that make us unique, yet we hide because we’re unsure of their awesomeness. #LxVEFest2017 pulled that skill out of me as I was forced to host the event unexpectedly.

We put so much effort into spreading the word about the event we were putting together. More importantly, about the vibe that we wanted to create.

Times were rough. We had just endured the 2016 elections and things were tense across the country. Hate crimes were committed publically and with greater frequency, news headlines were creating racial divides, and seemingly every day a new “insert lives matter” group was trending on Twitter.

We wanted to create a space where people could relax and genuinely enjoy themselves. And we did. I remember standing in the middle of the crowd listening to Nai Br.xx thinking, “mission accomplished.”  

Except it wasn’t…

Moments later, the host tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that I would need to fill in for him because he was getting sick. At that moment, my mission expanded. It was bigger than “creating a vibe” or gathering similar minds together.

My mission was, and still is, to lead the charge.

#LxVEFest is full of moments like these. You’ll want to be there to experience them all. Grab your Pre-sale ticket for just $10 now through Sept. 24th.

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