The Importance of the Breath and the Power of Noticing Things

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Today was the first day I woke up and practiced yoga first thing in the morning in quite some time. As the year is coming to an end, I decided to revisit the basics. I'm confident that by honing in on the fundamentals will be key to starting off 2018 like a beast.
Here's the link to the playlist I'm using in case you are interested in joining me.
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I like when I start my day by creating space in my body and of course I love how yoga forces you to focus on breathing.
It's fitting, the most important stuff is often the things we take for granted. Things like breathing. It's literally a sign of life, but when was the last time you evaluated the quality of your breath?
While in my meditation-like state, I honed in on the instructor's words, "this is the art of noticing." in yoga, we take time to breathe and take notice of how our body feels, but this idea can be taken off the mat and applied to every aspect of your life.
Jonathan Tease meditating
Do you notice when things make you feel good? Feel bad? Feel anxious? Feel excited? Rather than just moving through life (and taking selfies to show that we are doing shit), can you allow yourself to be present in the moment and notice the different feelings associated with being alive?

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  • Ryn Rose on

    I agree 100%. It’s so important to take the time to just breathe and be present. The way I respond to the world around me on the mornings I make time to meditate is so different than the days I don’t. Thanks for writing about this!

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