Sign Up Forms: The Most Underrated Part of Your Website

The LxVE Collective

You’ve got a new fan excited about your new single or any other type of promo content and they’ve gone to your website to check it out… great! But now what?

The next step is to focus on the interactions you create with your fans on your website. These interactions can range from watching a video, listening to a song, reading an article, or even sharing their contact information with you.

As your ability to create interactions improve, it will become easier to for you to convert fans into customers down the line.



1. A form helps you collect information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers that will allow you to reach out to your fans directly.

2. Your sign up form will be linked to an email marketing services such as MailChimp that can help grow your fan base and share your music with your supporters.

3. A signup form allows you to send email campaigns which you can use to share information about upcoming shows, recent projects, new merchandise for sale and more. Don’t hope for people to stumble across your music, send it to them intentionally.

4. The information you collect from your fans can help you make really informed decisions about how you promote yourself. Notice a large group of fans in a certain zip code? See the same area code multiple times in your contact list? These might be good areas to book a show.

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