House of Fly x #iLxVEart Interview



It was my first time meeting House of Fly, and I can honestly say they are one of the most interesting couples I’ve met in a long time. AxJ was really excited when they committed to performing at the #iLxVEart exhibit so I was glad I was able to catch them before they went on stage.

Our intention that night was to create a specific kind of vibe, one that expressed unity and appreciation for others. After a brief conversation with the artistic duo, I could see why AxJ chose to highlight them on a night where #LxVEMatters.

As I approached the two, I knew this was going to be a cool moment. An interesting conversation ensued…

Jonathan Tease: Can you tell me a little bit about your music and what we should expect from you tonight?

Pedi: It’s real. We focus on talking about the issues rather than keeping people asleep. I believe that’s our mission.

TaJa: I think the most wonderful thing about our music is that is relatable and it comes from the heart. It really comes from a place of love, which is what I believe this whole night is about. So I’m really excited to perform and just share ourselves and our gift with you guys.



JT: So when you say your songs are an expression of love, how is it displayed in your music?

Pedi: Well, first of all, we’re couple. We’re married. You don’t see too many couples that perform music together.

One thing we try to reflect in our music is that the love that we see is the [same] love that was given to us. One of the core themes behind House of Fly is God. Through music, we want to express the love which we’ve received. It’s not super preachy or anything.

TaJa: Yahweh expresses love in two different ways. Usually, it’s to comfort us in situations where we may not know what to do. And also to correct us when we are wrong or we need guidance. I think our music has a nice balance of the two.

JT: That’s cool. So tell me a little bit more about what you have going on.

TaJa: We have an EP that’s currently in the mastering process called Beautiful Dreamers. It consists of 8 songs which all come from a different perspective of our experiences, how we found love, what we see in the world, and what we want to see in the world.



JT: Awesome! Where can I find more of your music?

Pedi: We’ve got two songs that are on our Soundcloud. One is called Beautiful Dreamer which we’re gonna do tonight. We also have another one called So In Love. They are two super dope songs. But you can go to any one of our House of Fly social platforms and find us.

TaJa: We’re on…

YouTube @ House of Fly

Soundcloud @ House of Fly

Instagram @ House of Fly

Facebook @ House of Fly

JT: Yes! As a branding person, I like how you’ve made it as easy as possible for your fans to find you and interact with you. I love that! Thank you for being here.

Pedi: Thank you for having us.

JT: It was a pleasure meeting you.

TaJa: We’re cool guys now! Isn’t that awesome?

Pedi: Definitely!

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