1,000 True Fans Theory

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Are you familiar with the 1,000 true fans theory? I’ve been sitting on the idea lately that as a filmmaker and entrepreneur, there must be a sweet spot somewhere between ultra famous superstar producer and starving artist in regards to building a fanbase and maintaining a respectable standard of living. My suspicions were validated when I came across Kevin Kelly’s blog on the “1,000 True Fans” theory. In it, Kelly suggests that true, raving fans enthusiastically spend their money on you, the creator. Hypothetically speaking, if you (the creator) can produce content each year that would allow your 1,000 true fans to each spend $100 on you, then you can maintain a comfortable living at $100,000/yr. Obviously, you’d want to consider your mediums, taxes, etc. However, this is a very exciting theory with a tangible outcome and practical application for content creators.
Check out Kelly’s original “1,000 True Fans” blog post HERE.
Or, to get the gist of this theory, check out the video below by Anna Do.

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