The ExperTease's Top 10 Moments

If anyone knows how hard it is fighting off boredom during quarantine, it's me. With my birthday just days away and no way to responsibly share an experience with all the people I love, I decided to count down my 10 favorite moments created by The LxVE Collective.

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#10 - Ride to Chipotle

It's Circa 2012 and @AlfredNomad mentions that he wants to shoot a video for Ride (To Chipotle). Inspired by Ferris Bueller's day off, we Immediately we put our heads together to plan what the perfect day would actually look like. After this shoot, I knew we had a future as content creators.

Watch and enjoy!

#9 - Know Love (short film)

Know LxVE is the first short story I ever wrote circa 2011. Thanks to my Spelhouse/G-tech crew, we adapted it into a short film. I'm proud of how this turned out and still love watching everyone's reaction to the ending.

🎵 - I know by @alfrednomad @dynastybrodot.

#8 - Black Coffee is Neat Too

This interview with multi-talented music artist and coffee aficionado, Typical Div, was my first experience creating a documentary as I enter the world of my talented friends. What I like most about this project is the cinematography. Also, Div is a super cool guy  so our conversation takes turns from hip-hop to politics to coffee and back. We discuss his new project, his new brand, and his love for coffee.

#7 - How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Exactly 3 years ago, I published a resource called The End Of Overwhelm. It was a report coupled with a 30-minute training video that outlined the causes of feeling overwhelmed and my solution for getting rid of this negative emotion.
Little did we know that we would all be stuck inside our homes feeling stressed and overwhelmed with seemingly no outlet for relief just a few years later. If you are having a hard time adjusting to quarantine life, I'm confident this will help you "figure it out".

When things appear to be at their worst is when slowing down to get perspective is most important. That is the underlying message in the Calm Down video. To bring light to the turbulent state of the nation, AxJ and friends can be seen wearing shirts from the Immigrants Welcome Collection as they encourage us all to "Calm Down."

#5 - Bring It Back Music Video & Short Story

If I'm being honest, I've always been intrigued by the villains in movies and books so when A.J. presented us with his idea for a video involving a plot to kill an undercover cop I was in. But of course, nothing the LxVE Collective does is bland. So instead of just telling the story, we told the story in reverse. 

Hopefully, you aren't so distracted by the fact that guns and assumed violence in the video that you missed the message of the song. My hope is that this video will serve as a reminder as to why we should always weigh our options when making decisions. Watch and Enjoy!


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