Alfred Nomad - The artist using music as a tool for change.

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About Alfred Nomad

A L F R E D  N O M A D is an artist activist & entrepreneur creating his own path through music and curation.  He is also the founder of the culture brand LxVE (Love x Value Everything & Everyone) to highlight and encourage entrepreneurial creatives to follow their passions, collaborate with like minds and give back to communities through creative content, clothing and events based around music and fine art. 
Alfred has been using his voice as an artist and storyteller to cultivate amity within communities for more than a decade. Curating experiences such as concerts, art exhibitions, panels, and his annual festival (hitting it’s 5th year anniversary this year) LxVE Fest, Alfred effortlessly weaves together his musicianship and collective advocacy.

With his thoughtful life driven subject matter, and musically modern sound that tends to blend Hip Hop, Jazz, eclectic samples and an alternative influence he lets his art speak to the lives of his listeners.